Cannes Lions Innovation Festival: Where data and technology are recognized as catalysts for creativity

Posted by John Lucker on June 8, 2017

If you think there’s only one great festival in Cannes each year—the one featuring paparazzi, ingénues, and up-and-coming film directors—think again. The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, held from June 17-24, is a mecca for celebrating creative excellence in data-driven innovations.

Founded in 1954, this year’s festival is expected to attract more than 15,000 people from around 100 countries, including the world’s most innovative tech companies and start-ups.

The festival encompasses three specialist events: Lions Health brings together professionals from healthcare and pharma communications seeking creative solutions; Lions Entertainment attracts the brightest people from the entertainment, commercial, and creative communities; Lions Innovation explores how data and technology enable creativity. In this event, I’ll be serving as a judge in the Creative Data category exploring work built on the exchange of ideas and information and looking at campaigns designed from the creative applications of data.

As part of the Creative Data jury, l will be evaluating standalone technological solutions, including tools, products, models, platforms, and services, as well as creative campaigns using new technologies. The best entries will be chosen in 11 different categories, including data storytelling, data visualization, and use of real-time data.

Here’s a sampling of the campaigns and innovations honored in 2016 with Creative Data Lions for their creative use, interpretation, analysis, and application of data:

  • A new form of movie trailer that uses behavioral data collected from the faces of film critics and movie-goers to tell stories that are understood in any language.
  • Wearable technology used to track the impact of concussions suffered during sports and made available to medics and coaches for real time and long-term assessment.
  • Mobile phones becoming life-saving tools when personal health data is uploaded and made accessible to medical emergency responders.
  • A digital parking service that transforms small, unused spots around Tokyo into parking for compact cars, improving urban mobility.
  • A 3D printing painting created entirely from data collected from a famous artist’s body of work to showcase the intersection of data and creativity.

These showcase examples illustrate how data is helping to drive creative solutions, innovations, and collaborations around the world. The interplay of ideas and information can drive impactful results and is transforming the way in which we live and work. I’m looking forward to seeing the innovative ideas being presented at this year’s event.

Look for my follow-up report from Cannes, or follow me on Twitter @johnlucker for live updates. Au revoir!

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