Who determines ethics in a machine-run world?

A case for “Society in the loop artificial intelligence”

Posted by Jim Guszcza on May 19, 2017

As automation and robotics fueled by artificial intelligence (AI) become more mainstream, many areas of industry are set to undergo revolutionary changes. New sorts of jobs will likely emerge, some existing jobs will likely undergo transformation, and others may go away. There is good reason for concern about societal disruption, and a pressing need for enlightened societal-level dialogue. But we should not lose sight of the bright side to the creation of machines capable of helping with laborious “spade work.” AI has the potential to create significant value by making us more efficient, extending our intelligence and decision-making capabilities, saving organizations money, and generally helping societies run more smoothly.

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Beyond AI: Machine intelligence ushers in a new value-creation era

Posted by Nitin Mittal on March 16, 2017

Artificial intelligence (AI) may be in the headlines today, but machine intelligence is the future of advanced analytics. Machine intelligence is the collective term for cognitive computing capabilities that create value by augmenting employee performance, automating complex workloads, and developing human-like “cognitive agents.” Machine intelligence should be on your radar, because your competitors are probably all over it.

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Can robots replace HR?

Can robots replace HR?
Posted by Michael Gretczko and Rajesh Attra on December 20, 2016.

Automation and artificial intelligence are hot topics these days, to the extent President Obama has recently started to position the future of smarter technologies as a critical topic for his successor to address.1 This transformation has broad impacts, but the changes expected in the HR function and the overall workplace are of significant interest.

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Your cognitive assistant would like to get to know you

Posted by Rajeev Ronanki, on November 30, 2016

You’ve heard pundits predict that artificial intelligence (AI) will rule the world someday, right? Well, until that time comes, it appears that AI systems—in the form of cognitive assistants—will be more than happy to help us. Cognitive assistants that interact with and perform tasks for people are among the fastest-growing AI applications today.

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Minds and machines: experts + algorithms > experts

Posted by Jim Guszcza on October 31, 2016

The relationship between human and artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming one of the major issues of the day. A recent World Economic Forum report predicted that more than five million jobs will be lost to AI-fueled automation and robotics over the next four years1. It’s interesting to consider the relative abilities of human and machine intelligence in a specific arena: making predictions and forecasts. When is AI better at predicting outcomes, and when are humans? What happens when you combine forces? And what role–if any–will human judgment play as algorithms continue to evolve? It turns out that algorithmic forecasting has limits that machine learning-based AI methods cannot surpass; human judgment will not be automated away anytime soon.

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