Analytics and the art of management

Posted by Ben Stiller on March 9, 2017

Analytics, including cognitive technologies, is taking hold in every functional area of business, and in industries ranging from aerospace to tech, media, and telecom. But there’s one area where analytics is just starting to gain momentum. What if analytics could offer insights to executives so that their days could be more engaging, productive, and outcome-oriented? The next significant breakthroughs will be in time management, team collaboration, and performance tracking—and it’s not that far away.

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Four things robots can do for your distribution center

Posted by Brenna Sniderman on December 09, 2016.

As we think about advanced, smart technologies, the thing that comes to mind is: robots. Well, maybe just for me. But I think of smart robots that can learn from their surroundings, adjust and figure things out on their own. Robots that can learn from each other, move objects, and work relatively more safely alongside humans, each augmenting the other.

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Moving to a precision medicine model in pharma

Posted by Nitin Mittal on October 10, 2016

Pharmaceutical companies have operated the same way for decades. Conduct R&D, run clinical trials, endure the regulatory gauntlet, and swing for a home run. This blockbuster-driven business model has produced miracle drugs and flops, winners and losers. And now, it’s going away.

Instead of investing in drugs whose success hinges on risky bets with their inevitable boom or bust cycles, pharma companies are pivoting to a precision medicine-based model–developing drugs to impact a specific patient’s malady or condition.

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