A smartphone-enabled journey toward a healthier future

Posted by Preeta Banerjee on January 06, 2017

Most of us love traveling. What about a journey inside the human body? Movies such as “Fantastic Voyage,” where shrinking to microscopic size allows humans to enter a patient’s body to save his life, may still be in the realm of science fiction, but to some extent, the vision has been realized via modern endoscopic techniques. Technology to monitor the body from inside and to deliver medicine to the exact spot of the disease or injury might change the way illnesses are prevented and cured in future.

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Finding critical customer complaints when lives depend on it

Posted by Greg Szwartz, on October 7, 2016

Sometimes, being able to quickly separate critical customer complaints from others is a matter of life and death. Welcome to the daily challenge of the medical device industry.

The volume of complaints can be crushing, especially for a high-profile product. Which are reportable to the FDA? Setting aside the issue of reporting, which represent opportunities for safety and quality improvements? For instance, a patient may complain about something that’s not a safety issue–a broken shipping box. Another client may raise concerns about something far more serious. From an analytics perspective, it can be difficult to distinguish between the two, especially in the face of a large volume of complaints, coming from virtually anywhere in the world, in any language, from any customer or third party.

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