Managing change to accommodate the craft-like experience

Posted by Ben Stiller on June 16, 2017

It’s hard to remember life before products showed up on your doorstep, in record time. We’ve become used to ordering whatever we need online and having it delivered within a day or two – perhaps a week at the most. Consumers now tend to expect this timeliness from all online retailers. They’ve also become more demanding in the colors, flavors and sizes they want, expecting customization as a matter of course.

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How supply chains reach the potential of Industry 4.0

Posted by Ashwin Patil on June 1, 2017

You’ve likely heard about Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution, in which new technologies are blurring the lines between physical and digital worlds and opening real time access to unprecedented data sources. This revolution will likely change the way products are conceived, designed, produced, priced and delivered to customers and likely transform today’s linear supply chains into dynamic digital supply networks.

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Supply chain digital transformation: 3 vital insights for CSCOs and COOs

Posted by Ryan Renner on May 26, 2017

Conversations about the digital transformation of supply chains tend to revolve around the exciting capabilities of this or that technology–analytics, robotics, cognitive computing, and others. But important questions are often left unanswered: What does digital transformation mean to me as a chief supply chain officer (CSCO) or chief operating officer (COO)? What does a digitally transformed supply chain look like? How will digital transformation impact my role within the organization?

Here are three insights from a recent Deloitte point of view that can help you answer those questions:

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The supply chain shift: Digital supply chain networks can enable transformative decisions

Posted by Ashwin Patil on March 23, 2017

There are lots of moving parts to a digital supply chain network. Think of it as a constellation of interlinking stars that provide transparent value to all. Those stars linked to speed of delivery, for example, share information smoothly and instantly. As a result, transformative strategic decisions are enabled faster and with greater impact. Supply chains are shifting from linear, sequential operations to a new interconnected, open system of supply operations–called a digital supply network (DSN). This shift lays the foundation for how companies will likely compete in the future. “The rise of the digital supply network” explores this new frontier by examining four key areas:

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I need it now!

Managing customer service levels to meet the “Amazon effect”

Posted by Sam Pearson on March 2, 2017

As consumers, we’ve become used to the “Amazon effect.” We order products online, tailored to our preferences, and receive them when and where we choose. Inevitably, these consumer-driven practices are now influencing B2B markets and industrial customers are demanding faster delivery of products and higher levels of service.

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If you can see it coming, you can fix it faster

Posted by Sam Pearson, on November 17, 2016

How aftermarket supply chain analytics can create an insight-driven advantage

For today’s supply chain to approach optimization, executives must be able to anticipate problems, not simply react to them. That’s a difficult proposition if companies don’t have windows into the right information at the right time. You can’t change something if you can’t see it coming. However, gaining that insight-driven advantage isn’t out of reach. In fact, as products are increasingly loaded with sensors and monitors, the aftermarket is becoming rich in data. It’s no surprise, then, that interest in using business analytics to extract insight is growing. Many manufacturers have found aftermarket analysis to be highly profitable. Now they can see what products or parts are making the most money, what products are being actively used by consumers, and where they might be failing.

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