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Do-it-yourself IoT: May the force(s) be with you!

Posted by Guru Kashyap on March 23, 2017

Thanks to a do-it-yourself Internet of Things (IOT) project I was working on a few weeks ago, I had an opportunity to reflect on the rapid pace of technology and innovation.

Over the last 25 years, four fundamental forces representing computing concepts and movements have gained momentum. Together, they helped integrate hardware, software, and the physical environment in a way that is intuitive and accessible to a do-it-yourself audience. These forces are:

The supply chain shift: Digital supply chain networks can enable transformative decisions

Posted by Ashwin Patil on March 23, 2017

There are lots of moving parts to a digital supply chain network. Think of it as a constellation of interlinking stars that provide transparent value to all. Those stars linked to speed of delivery, for example, share information smoothly and instantly. As a result, transformative strategic decisions are enabled faster and with greater impact. Supply chains are shifting from linear, sequential operations to a new interconnected, open system of supply operations–called a digital supply network (DSN). This shift lays the foundation for how companies will likely compete in the future. “The rise of the digital supply network” explores this new frontier by examining four key areas:

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A smartphone-enabled journey toward a healthier future

Posted by Preeta Banerjee on January 06, 2017

Most of us love traveling. What about a journey inside the human body? Movies such as “Fantastic Voyage,” where shrinking to microscopic size allows humans to enter a patient’s body to save his life, may still be in the realm of science fiction, but to some extent, the vision has been realized via modern endoscopic techniques. Technology to monitor the body from inside and to deliver medicine to the exact spot of the disease or injury might change the way illnesses are prevented and cured in future.

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Can robots replace HR?

Can robots replace HR?
Posted by Michael Gretczko and Rajesh Attra on December 20, 2016.

Automation and artificial intelligence are hot topics these days, to the extent President Obama has recently started to position the future of smarter technologies as a critical topic for his successor to address.1 This transformation has broad impacts, but the changes expected in the HR function and the overall workplace are of significant interest.

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