Who determines ethics in a machine-run world?

A case for “Society in the loop artificial intelligence”

Posted by Jim Guszcza on May 19, 2017

As automation and robotics fueled by artificial intelligence (AI) become more mainstream, many areas of industry are set to undergo revolutionary changes. New sorts of jobs will likely emerge, some existing jobs will likely undergo transformation, and others may go away. There is good reason for concern about societal disruption, and a pressing need for enlightened societal-level dialogue. But we should not lose sight of the bright side to the creation of machines capable of helping with laborious “spade work.” AI has the potential to create significant value by making us more efficient, extending our intelligence and decision-making capabilities, saving organizations money, and generally helping societies run more smoothly.

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In financial services, data science may be a promising investment

Posted by John Houston on May 12, 2017

In the financial services arena, data scientists are taking a seat next to traditional business analysts, tasked with finding value in an ever-expanding quantity of data. By delivering smarter insights using analytics and cognitive technologies, data scientists help address problems in investing and trading strategies, portfolio management, regulatory reporting, client service, and more.

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Actuaries & predictive analytics: 4 applications any business can borrow

Posted by John Houston on April 21, 2017

As big data has exploded, actuaries lead the way in using predictive modeling and data analysis to uncover insights. In fact, the very first mortality tables were a form of predictive analytics: actuaries used historical data to forecast survival rates and applied that insight to make informed choices about insurance and pensions. Today, thanks to ever more sophisticated algorithms generated by expanding computing power and artificial intelligence, predictive models can even take into account behavioral and economic factors.

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