Uh-oh, Did Tax Get Left Out?

Posted by
Mahesh Marepalli
Managing Director, Deloitte Tax LLP on December 13, 2017.

Actionable tax data and insights are critical and meaningful enablers for an effective tax leader to deliver value back to the business enterprise. Many, though, struggle to provide those insights quickly and efficiently, often driven by an inability to access information needed on a real-time basis.

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Data analytics: Have tax authorities unleashed the genie?

Posted by Jan van Trigt, Deloitte Global Leader – Tax & Legal Data Analytics and Beth Mueller, Deloitte U.S. Tax Analytics leader on September 5, 2017

Business use of big data analytics has flourished for years, but little has been known until recently about adoption of analytics by tax authorities around the world. A 2016 OECD report, “Advanced Analytics for Better Tax Administration”,1 changes that. Highlighting results of a survey among representatives of 16 OECD member countries, the report sheds new light on current tax authority use of analytics and how they may utilize it in the very near future.

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Transparency is king: How the tax compliance culture is evolving in the data analytics era

Posted by Beth Mueller on April 13, 2017

Talk about a full-court press. Tax authorities, tax fairness activists, and to some extent, a discontented public have driven tax law changes and new standards for financial reporting for tax purposes in the years since the 2008 financial crisis. They seek greater certainty that companies are paying their fair share of taxes. A new tax compliance culture—on both sides of the tax reporting equation—is the result, and data and analytics are at the heart of that change.

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